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[IP] CA Driver's Licenses

Jim Sandberg wrote:

I need to address something related to driver's licenses in California.... 
 This is hearsay cause I have not read it on the back of the renewal
start with: Once upon a time because a long time ago (1966) I was turned into 
the CA DMV because I had diabetes.Though I'll never know for sure, it is a 
pretty good guess that my "school system" reported me.  At the time it was 
district policy to not let diabetics (we were an "excluded" population) take 
 driver's training. And my dad (with me going along for the ride) eventually
the policy to be changed.....At the time there was a question "Do you have any 
medical condition that may impair your driving ability?"....  The DMV hearing 
was dramatic!!!!!   The hearing officer proceeded to "attack" with opinions 
not supported by facts.

I had exactly the same experience when I first learned to drive in CA in 
 1966. My DMV hearing officer was brutal and I was "on probation" for some time
and I had to report to and appeared before him several times and then didn't 
hearing anything for decades through automatic renewals.  This year, for the 
 first time, the back of the form had several diabetes related questions which I
assumed were asked based upon the now over 35 year old information in their 
 files. They never specifically asked whether I was diabetic and, because of the
specific way they were worded, I could honestly answer no to all of them.   

Don Dickenson
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