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[IP] Re: Insulin Price shock

> in Ontario you do not need a prescription for any type of
> insulin.  Both Michigan and Indiana require a prescription for all types
> of insulin and California requires one for Humalog, but not anything
> else.

I always wonder where people get their info. Lantus, Novolog, and Humalog -
which are not insulins but insulin analogs, DO require Rx's *all over the US
of A.* Indiana does not require Rx for the other types of insulin, however,
if you want to deduct it on your income tax or turn it in to your ins.
carrier for reimbursement, you need an Rx for proof. It is not required, but

I will also venture to say that you can walk into any pharmacy throughout
USA and buy the other insulins w/o Rx. That was set so DMers would never be
denied insulin to purchase no matter where they were. Many of us used
Regular insulin for many years in our pumps so it's possible to use that if
out of Humalog/Novolog on a trip.

The insulin analogs are a different story.

Jan - in Indiana
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