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Re: [IP] Driver's License:

I wish I remembered the name of this case, but here's another sad story.

Diabetic driver on the way to dialysis in California. To help prevent
nausea, the driver didn't eat before treatment, miscalculated, had a low,
and hit another car. Diabetic driver and several people in the other car
were killed.

Family of victims sued the kidney doctor (deep pocket of liability
insurance) for not informing the state that the diabetic driver should not
have been allowed to drive.  They won the lawsuit.

That is a bad precedent for us diabetics.  This could further drive up the
cost of liability ins for any doc who treats diabetes, or maybe just
encourage Docs to get us off the road.

As they used to say on the TV show 'Hill Street Blues', "let's be careful
out there."
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