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Re: [IP] Driver's License:

Susan Kinzelman wrote:

> Yes, I remember that question on the license and I honestly answered it as
"no". No part of my "condition" had ever impaired my driving. But here in
> Mexico they ask you point blank "do you have diabetes"

> I suspected this was the case and there's just some diabetes-phobia going
on in the government. In which case it is pure discrimination.

It might be interesting for somebody to call the ADA's Advocacy office about
this topic.

In my home state (NJ), "diabetes" is not an issue in getting a license,
although as anywhere, causing an accident while low will not help me to keep
my license.

And there are a bunch of sad cases written up about lawsuits & manslaughter
convictions,etc against drivers with diabetes who kill other drivers &
passengers while low.
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