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RE: [IP] Driver's License: ANY STATE

Be careful....most states ask about seizure disorders and in NJ a low
blood sugar is a seizure disorder...I use to drive a school bus and when
I became diabetic I reported to Motor Vehicles and endured the every
three month MD reporting A1c's or my driving was revoked. I now get a
letter to return of medical review about every three years.

On the same note...My husband and I bought a new car in my name and
bought the disability insurance...what we didn't know was that the
dealership completed the medical two question form for us and marked no
for diabetes. Because I was out on disability for 3 months this winter
with the pancreas and spleen removal I filed claim on the disability
insurance and was denied. Now I'm having to go after the dealership to
refund my premium. Had we filled out the form we would have known that
the insurance was not going to be accepted and saved on $750. added to
our loan.

Gail Donohue   

 In MD they don't even ask if I have diabetes. I have been diabetic
since 10 and
I am now 21 and since I was 16 I have never been asked on any driver's
form if I
am a diabetic.
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