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Re: [IP] Driver's License:

Hi Sue & everyone,

I need to address something related to driver's licenses in California.... 
This is hearsay cause I have not read it on the back of the renewal form....

I'll start with: Once upon a time because a long time ago (1966) I was 
turned into the CA DMV because I had diabetes.

Though I'll never know for sure, it is a pretty good guess that my "school 
system" reported me.  At the time it was district policy to not let 
diabetics (we were an "excluded" population) take driver's training.  And 
my dad (with me going along for the ride) eventually forced the policy to 
be changed.....

At the time there was a question "Do you have any medical condition that 
may impair your driving ability?"....  The DMV hearing was 
dramatic!!!!!   The hearing officer proceeded to "attack" with opinions not 
supported by facts.

He also made a major blunder of never asking who the extra person in the 
office was.  After the "rant" the extra person introduced himself.  Dr. R, 
President of So. California American Diabetes Association.

Can't imagine why the H.O. agreed that diabetes in my situation wasn't an 
impairment  :).

Probably because it was made clear that the American Diabetes Association 
was willing and ready (if needed) to take the California DMV and hearing 
officer to court.....

Since that time I understand specific examples are listed in the footnotes 
on the back of the form..... though I have never personally read the footnotes.

The DMV assumes that we are unable to drive safely unless we "prove" otherwise.

At one time there was a specific question included: "Do you have 
diabetes?".  Not positive though seem to remember that the courts decided 
that was not an appropriate question to ask on the renewal form.

High energy topic,

Jim Sandberg

Diabetes doesn't limit an individual?
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