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Re: [IP] Reply to Debi, nightime leg cramps

I don't know if anyone said it, i accidentally deleted a large portion of my
inbox (OOPS).  But i used to get them too.  I also had steatorrhea, a rash,
strange results from blood tests (including odd HDL/LDL ratios, lacking in
Albumin, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium), Migranes, Carpal Tunnel, and about
four other things i can't think of right now.  (i also had unexplained
weight loss, which i had attributed to portion control, just as i had when i
was diagnosed with diabetes) It got to the point where i had to lie down
after lunch everyday (or lose my lunch) and I was failing all the pregnancy
tests (not pregnant) when i finally complained to my endo.   He tested me
for Celiac disease.  It turns out i and possibly my mother have had it all
our lives.

My Endo says it can ride along with Diabetes (Type I) so it's worth getting
tested.  It's a relatively invisible disease.  I was being treated by a
neurologist, a reg doctor, my endo, and had "IBD".  It all went away when i
treated the Celiac disease.

Because of what my mother is going through getting tested i'll tell you
exactly what tests to request.
if you fail any of those, have an Endoscopy
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> Hi Debi, i use to get them so bad, my leg would hurt me the next day. It
> terrible. I had alot of test done to check to if i was lacking in calcium,
>  mag. etc. but i was not. so i started taking potassium/mag. 5o mg once a
> and
> i have not had a cramp since. But before that i had those terrible cramps
> years. I always keep myself well hydrated as well. Good luck. the vitamin
> worth a try. take care Eileen
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