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Re: [IP] driver's license in Utah

>> What a bummer. You'd  think they could consider driving records and your
>> past experiences, and whether or not you've been hospitalized. etc in the
>> past because of lows or something.
> Only one problem with this, <VBG> It would be INTELLIGENT, so they can't do
> that....(running and ducking)
I don't mind that they know that I am a diabetic but I feel that the yearly
filling out of forms gets to be a bit much.  But like you say intelligence
is not one of their strong points.  I do check my bs before I drive anywhere
and there have been time that my husband has driven me because my bs was too
low (50) and he did not want me to drive until it was higher and I had to
leave right then.  I do wish that they would look at my driving record and
realize that I do drive responsibly. (But then that is just wishful thinking
and it will never get me anywhere.)
Who is going to turn in her form for this year now.
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