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[IP] Blood Clots

I have been very sick for the past 2 months, in and out of hospital for a 
total of 33 days.  I was in DKA and then after I come home from that I had 
problems breathing and chest hurt so I went back to ER. I found out I have 2 
 pulmonary embolisms(blood clots in lungs) and then a week later found out have
in sub clavian vein. I have been treated with heparin drip, coumadin and 
 lovenox. My blood just never seems to get back to a therapeutic level. Finally
out that I have "Prothrombin Gene Mutation" and I am homozygous(sp?) don't 
really understand that part. But basically I have a blood disorder that causes 
 blood to clot and be too thick. I am not able to take the coumadin so I am on 2
shots of lovenox a day. I hate taking the lovenox, you can only take it in 
abdomen area, and it leaves terrible little knots and bruises all over me.
Does ANYONE have this problem and am curious if it is related to DIABETES ?
I would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge about this.

Gina Doyle
Pumping 1YEAR this week !!!
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