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[IP] Occlusions and bent canulas

I have been reading all these occlusions stories and I must say it must have
been the moon or something because I was in the same boat.  I have had two
bent canulas in the last week.  I must admit that both were when I manually
inserted my quickset instead of getting my inserter (I was too tired to go
get it.) Both times I did it manually this week, I had problems.  Off
course, when I had the highs I completely forgot I had done them by hand and
try to correct, thought I must have miscalculated the carbs in the meal, or
something must be wrong with me today.  I always forget that it could be the
site (you would think since it happened earlier this week, I would have
questioned the site first.)  As soon as I got home, I changed the site.

When I changed sites, there was the 900 bent canula.  I did NOT get an
occlusion alarm.  My high reading were somewhat reduced or at least not any
higher 1 to 2-hours after big boluses so I think I must have been getting
some insulin through the bent canula.  Come to think about it, I must have
had 4-5 total bent canulas in the year of pumping and never have I received
an occlusion alarm.  I might do the test you guys mentioned to make sure it
actually works.  I must say, out of the 4-5, only 1 was after I had used the
inserter.  I should stick to the inserter only or learn how to do them well

Have a great pumping day!
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dx T1 2/11/02 Pumping since June '02
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