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Re: [IP] Driver's License: ANY STATE

 In MD they don't even ask if I have diabetes. I have been diabetic since 10 and
I am now 21 and since I was 16 I have never been asked on any driver's form if I
am a diabetic.

"Nolan E. Kienitz" <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Pls, pls be cautious about filling out driver's license documentation in any
state. I would suggest that everyone take the "high" road and be honest
about having the disease.

Keep in mind that driving is a privilege and not a "right".

I can attest to having almost losing my license in Texas. I followed all the
rules and the state's medical review board asked for more documentation and
they still revoked my license.

I appealed and engaged an attorney and ended up in front of a local judge.
The process (start to finish) was about ten months. I presented enough data
for review and the judge (in consultation with the state's attorney) agreed
to let me keep my license. My judge happens to be a Type II diabetic so at
least had an understanding of all I presented.

What kicked off the medical board review was an accident (not my direct
fault) between me and another vehicle driven by an off-duty police officer.
As I was being taken to the emergency room for evaluation the off-duty
officer overheard the EMTs comment about my diabetes. All I can figure out
is that he was the person who sent some message to the State of Texas DPS
(driver's license bureau) as there was no mention of such on any report from
the accident.

It goes without saying that I NEVER leave anywhere driving without first
checking my BG and ensuring it is at 80 or higher and I ALWAYS keep
quick-acting sugar on my person or in my car or briefcase. Skittles works
great as they don't melt in Texas.

Again . it is not wise to play games with the state agencies when it comes
to driving. Remember it is a privilege and not a "right".


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX
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