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[IP] Beef Insulin Price Shock

Hi Fellow Pumpers

I am so angry I could scream. My nearly perfect bgs of the past two weeks have
soared!  My cat's vet has just charged me $225 for 2 vials of beef PZI  (not
including syringes) while my former vet  on Long Island still charges $140 for
the same amount.  (I just called to verify this)  Also it took two weeks to
get the insulin (back ordered I was told) and it turns out to be a lie.  I
called the manufacturer who told me that even at $70 a vial this is high
considering the cost to the vet, and also that insulin is always shipped
overnight, there was no back order.

I am overwhelmed at the moment taking care of my husband who had lung surgery
a week ago (it was cancer but appears to have been totally encapsulated with
no metastases) and can't afford to stay in shrieking mode too long.  I was so
proud of maintaining great bgs throughout the surgery I don't want to let this
ruin everything!  Please anyone, send me your best SWEAR words so that I can
cool down some.  I promise I won't use them on the vet or anyone else, but
this 63 year old convent bred lady needs to tell her diabetic cat what her
greedy blankety blankety  vet is up to.   As soon as I can I will find another


Denise Guerin
Type 1 49 years
who once paid less than $5 a vial for her own PZI in the 1950's.
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