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[IP] Infusion Sets

>Does anybody know anything about the Animas ezSets (Tender-like?) or has
already tested them? Are these also
>manufactured by Maersk as are Sil, Tender, and the new Cozmo inf set? They
also announce a Serter. Did anybody
>test it? I'm using the Rapid D, since I'm not happy with Sil/Tender. So I'm
interested trying something else!
>Bob (happy with my D-TRONplus!)


Bob and other who want to try other infusion sets:

Pls go to the SimpleChoice WEB site and check out their product line. They
are another provider of infusion sets that gives all of us pumpers a choice
other than Maersk.

Maersk is NOT the only infusion set maker. There are alternatives for us to
all review and choose from. Should you want to try infusion sets that are
not manufactured by Maersk take a look at SimpleChoice.

Here is their URL:  www.mysimplechoice.com


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX
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