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[IP] Leg Cramps

 I get them when my BG's are high or after they have been quite high and come
down fairly quickly. I not only get the ones in the calf but also on the front
of my leg in the shin, around my ankle, and sometimes in the foot as well. So
all these incrediable forces work against each other holding my foot prisoner. I
can't flex for the calf cuz that makes the shin ones worse and vica versa. They
are incrediably painful - last summer while my hubby was out of town I got
probably the worst ones I've ever had and I was lying on the floor on an air
mattress (this was before we got our couch) watching movies. I couldn't get up
the pain was so bad and it just kept coming and coming and coming. The phone was
completely out of reach up on the piano (as we my cell). I thought I was going
to be down there all night - it was really bad.

 When they are that bad I find that moist, warm compresses really help. Also if
I can catch them before they get to that point and get on my feet - walking
actually helps. Or at least walking to the bathroom where I can run warm water
over them - or if you have a handheld massaging showerhead (I used to in my
house) that really does the trick.

Linda & Dax
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