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Re: [IP] visit at Maersk Medical (now called Unomedical)

Thanks very much for the link to Unomedical. It was a very interesting web
site. It was good that you were able to talk with the people at Unomedical
about being a diabetic and relying on their products.  I work for a
pharmaceutical company that makes treatments for people with hemophilia and
it is always informative and gratifying when one of them comes to tour our
plant and talk with us.


M.L. Ehrlich
email @ redacted
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Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 1:04 PM
Subject: [IP] visit at Maersk Medical (now called Unomedical)

> A little late report from my visit at Maersk Medical (now called
> maker of infusion sets Sils (and what else theyre called) and Quick sets.
> I got there together with a friend, who also is a diabetic but doesnt
> We were given a tour at the factory  and to those of you whod like
> sets  the sets are all checked very thoroughly to make sure that the
> maintains its high quality. There are always reasons for their prices We
> got to see prototypes on new products. Many of your ideas have already
> taken under consideration, in fact youll get much of what youve asked
> when the new products are out later this year and next year. Unfortunately
> cant tell you about them  I signed a paper promising not to. But I am
> looking forward to the new stuff. They hadnt thought of colored tubings
> though. They said it might give quite many problems seeing bubbles.
> Later I gave a speech to the employees, both those from the development
> department and those working on line making the product by the machines.
> were very pleased finally to meet a user of their products and to hear my
> experiences about pumping, being diabetic and the differences in their
> products. I was able to say that I never had had a bent cannula or other
> significant problems  which changed today! (see other message)
> If you ever would like to get in touch with Unomedical or would like some
> information, you can go to their new web site www.infusion-set.com They
> also be present at the Children With Diabetes conference in Orlando this
> summer, for those of you who are going there (I am!!)
> If you have any questions about my visit, feel free to contact me or reply
> this message.
> Anja
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