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Re: [IP] (no subject)

Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one with leg twitches?!!  It happens
ever so rarely.. it's my ankles only, but it's sooo aggravating- usually
when I'm real real real tired, and it prevents me from falling asleep.  I've
also noticed that when my BG is high, it happens more.  You mean I'm not a
freak (or at least not for the obnoxious twitching :)  and there's actually
a medicine to take for it?!  And what did someone mean by a "potassium
problem," like too much, not enough?

Now about the leg cramps... I don't get them anymore, but when I was first
diagnosed and ofr the first few years (like ages 6-8), I had TERRIBLE leg
cramps, doctors never could explain them.  Tylenol usually helped/s with it,
and in more recent years I noticed I would get them when BG was real high,
but not so much since I went on the pump (BG doesn't get as high:).  Good
ciao, Brian

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> I do not really have leg cramps but do suffer from restless leg
> syndrome, ie, I tend to kick rather violently at night when tryingto
> sleep.  I have found that the drug klonopin works well for me.  My wife
> also appreciates not being kicked to pieces every night, as well. :)  I
> also have this problem going to plays or movies at night that do not
> particularly inspire me.
> Jon Wagner type something, pumping for a couple of months now :)
> email @ redacted wrote:
> >  does anyone have severe leg cramps ,,,mainly at nite when
> > lieing down??? What does anyone do for this???
> > thanx debi
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