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Re: [IP] Funeral

Summer, I'm sorry to hear this story, what a shame.  What camp did you go
to?  I'm 5 years older than you, but I went to Bearskin Meadow several times
when I was young.
ciao, Brian
ps. Do you watch "Six Feet Under" on HBO?  Your story reminded me of it..

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> Some of you may not want to hear this but I'm posting it anyways!
>  Well I was at my aunts flower shop hel[ping out today we had a big
> order for a 23 year old girl. I was in the back with my cousin(30ish) and
> her if she knew how the girl died. She said that the girl had emotional
> health problem and that the family didn't really say much more, ok makes
sense I
> at this point assumed she had committed suicide. Well we work away and I
then go
> out to the front and am packing them up to deliver to the funeral home and
> Great Aunt asks if I knew the girl, I say no why she says well the girl
> diabetes and she thought maybe we'd met, I say well no but how did she
die. My
> aunt tells me that a few years ago she stopped taking insulin and hwas
having a
> really tough time and that she had recently been in the hospital and they
> released her without telling the family(she was old enough) and that a man
> age picked her up, they had been at a local hang out partying and she
died. It
> was diabetes tecnically that killed her.
>  So now thinking back I think I may have been in a cabin with her at
> camp when I was 12/13 ish( will ask my nurse on Thurs as she was the cabin
> councellor)
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
> Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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