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[IP] Funeral

Some of you may not want to hear this but I'm posting it anyways!

 Well I was at my aunts flower shop hel[ping out today we had a big funeral
order for a 23 year old girl. I was in the back with my cousin(30ish) and asked
her if she knew how the girl died. She said that the girl had emotional and
health problem and that the family didn't really say much more, ok makes sense I
at this point assumed she had committed suicide. Well we work away and I then go
out to the front and am packing them up to deliver to the funeral home and my
Great Aunt asks if I knew the girl, I say no why she says well the girl had
diabetes and she thought maybe we'd met, I say well no but how did she die. My
aunt tells me that a few years ago she stopped taking insulin and hwas having a
really tough time and that she had recently been in the hospital and they
released her without telling the family(she was old enough) and that a man her
age picked her up, they had been at a local hang out partying and she died. It
was diabetes tecnically that killed her.

 So now thinking back I think I may have been in a cabin with her at diabetes
camp when I was 12/13 ish( will ask my nurse on Thurs as she was the cabin

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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