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Re:[IP] Ped endo referral wanted - cental-north NJ

Dear Peter,
  I do not know of the first doctor you mentioned, but the second practice with
Dr. Starkman. I have a friend with a young adult girl who happens to see Dr.
Starkman and I also saw him when I was first diagnosed. My feeling is that
practice is not entirely pump savy. Actually my friend says Starkman claims
lantus to be as good as the pump. His views may have changed since lantus has
been out awhile. I also know that her daughter was asked to look at a pump and
consider pump therapy by Stakman and she flat out refused to do it, that was
about a year ago. So perhaps his views have changed. This girl would have been
20 or so at the time they asked her to look at the pump. I must say that the
medical care I recieved under Dr. Starkman was great, but we parted ways when I
was 18 and he threatened my license. I had a major issue with blood testing. I
also had another parent of a former Starkman patient who had a problem with him.
His A1c's were great but the child was having problems with major blood sugar
swings...but since his a1c's were good starkman didn't change anything. Here son
is seeing the doctor's out of St. Barnabas hospital. These are just things I
have heard and my experience. Also you must understand my dealing with Starkman
was almost 10 years ago. I liked him and everything just we didn't agree on
certain things. I really needed to mature and also found a doctor who worked
with me a little better.
 Wendy, Curely Blue, mm508 pump, larry the lancer, and moe the meter...together
we are the four stooges.
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