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Re: [IP] Re: worst day ever...


i also use the MM products and have one of the Serters. It was expalined to
me that the infusion
set must be inserted quickly or the canula could bunch up or kink.

Hopefully you can use one with your infusion set...

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>>>> Your pump should've beeped with an occlusion error.  >>>
>However, if the insulin is not completely shut off and some getting
>through - although insufficient - there would be no occlusion alarm. When I
>had a bent canula and called MM in disgust with *their* sets, they
>recommended I not insert the SofSets manually any more and sent me a
>SofSerter. They developed those to overcome this event. The Serters force
>the set in straightforward and quickly. I haven't had a kink since, and I
>hadn't had one the previous 6 years. YMMV
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