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[IP] CozMore - now what?

We just received our Cozmo (one week ago)...today there was the CozMor 
 announcement (see below). What do I have to do to get this? Return the current
purchase the new?

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Deltec's New CozMore(TM) Insulin Technology System Revolutionizes Diabetes 

First-ever, All-in-One Insulin Pump and Blood Glucose Meter Makes Managing  

Diabetes Easier Than Ever 

ST. PAUL, Minn., June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Deltec introduces the CozMore(TM) 
Insulin Technology System, the first all-in-one smart insulin pump and blood 
glucose monitoring system that helps people with diabetes take charge of their 
daily diabetes management.  The system will be introduced at the American 
 Diabetes Association's 63rd Scientific Sessions, June 13-17, New Orleans
Booth #2259).

The CozMore(TM) Insulin Technology System is a collaborative effort between 
Deltec, creator of the Deltec Cozmo(TM) Personal Insulin Pump, and TheraSense, 
manufacturer of the FreeStyle(R) Blood Glucose Monitoring System. As the first 
and only all-in-one insulin pump and blood glucose monitor, the CozMore(TM) 
Insulin Technology System gives users "real-time" glucose data and insulin 
delivery options in one place for quick and easy access.

"The CozMore(TM) Insulin Technology System blends two state-of-the-art 
 products -- The Deltec Cozmo(TM) insulin pump, the premier choice among insulin
users, and the FreeStyle(R) blood glucose monitoring system, a virtually 
painless glucose testing alternative -- to create a revolution in diabetes 
 management," said Rod Kellogg, vice president and general manager, Deltec.
merging of great products and the resulting innovative technology promises to 
 lighten the cumbersome routine people with diabetes go through on a daily

By combining premier insulin pump and blood glucose testing technology, 
 Deltec and TheraSense have made diabetes management a more portable, hassle-
routine for more than 255,000 insulin pump users in the U.S.  "As a leader in 
blood glucose monitoring technology, we're constantly looking for ways to 
 eliminate barriers to better diabetes management and improve the quality of
for people with diabetes," said Mark Lortz, president and CEO, TheraSense.

"With the help of FreeStyle's Nano-sample(TM) technology and our advances in 
test accuracy, we believe the CozMore(TM) Insulin Technology System can 
 significantly change the way that people manage their diabetes on a daily

CozMore(TM) System components include:  

Deltec Cozmo(TM) Personal Insulin Pump -- an insulin pump with advanced 
 technology and easy-to-use features that helps people with diabetes more
regulate their insulin usage, increasing their health and quality of life.

CoZmonitor(TM) Blood Glucose Monitoring System -- a virtually painless blood 
glucose monitoring system powered by TheraSense FreeStyle(R) technology, which 
gives users accurate and precise blood glucose results with a 0.3 microliter 
sample -- a blood drop about the size of a pinhead.

CoZmanager(TM) PC Communications System -- a complete software program that 
 links the CozMore(TM) System with a computer, allowing users to personalize the
system to their lifestyle, as well as track and review histories on more than 
2,000 system "events."

How the CozMore(TM) System works:  

The CozMore(TM) System is both lightweight and easy to use.  First, users 
lance their fingertip or a less painful, alternate testing site (the forearm, 
upper arm, thigh, calf or fleshy part of the hand) with a FreeStyle(R) Lancing 
device.  Next, they insert the FreeStyle(R) Test Strip into the CoZmonitor(TM) 
System, which is attached to the Deltec Cozmo(TM) Insulin Pump.

The CoZmonitor(TM) System automatically transfers the blood glucose 
 information to the Deltec Cozmo(TM) Pump through an infrared port. If the
user's blood
glucose level is higher than normal, he or she can go directly to the bolus 
 menu to correct it without having to manually re-enter the blood glucose value,
ensuring more consistent insulin delivery.

In addition, blood glucose results are combined with insulin delivery data 
and stored in the Deltec Cozmo(TM) Insulin Pump's history log to provide a 
complete picture of the user's diabetes management, allowing them to be more 
proactive in their insulin decisions.  The system's central data storage 
 capabilities also allow users to go through fewer steps and therapy
calculations --
reducing the risk of data or transcription errors.

Because insulin pump therapy requires more frequent blood glucose testing, 
it's not unusual for a typical user to check his or her glucose levels six to 
eight times a day or more.  The CozMore(TM) System's small, compact size makes 
it easier for pump users to carry everything necessary to manage their 
 diabetes, eliminating the need for them to store and/or carry around multiple
glucose meters.

Deltec has submitted a 510(k) application to the FDA for clearance, and the 
first CozMore(TM) System units are expected to be available after January 2004.

Deltec is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of 
 medical devices used in ambulatory infusion therapy, including ambulatory
pumps, large volume infusion pumps, implantable access systems, dialysis and 
infusion catheters, needles and insulin delivery systems. Headquartered in St. 
Paul, Minn., Deltec is part of the medical division of Smiths Group plc, 
 London, and is committed to developing the highest quality, most reliable
to provide innovative, convenient and cost-effective drug delivery worldwide.  
Visit us at www.deltec.com .

TheraSense develops, manufactures and sells easy-to-use glucose monitoring 
systems that dramatically reduce the pain of testing for people with diabetes. 
TheraSense began selling its first product, the FreeStyle(R) Blood Glucose 
 Monitoring System, in June 2000. The FreeStyle(R) system has wide distribution
the United States through national retailers including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, 
CVS, Eckerd and Rite Aid.  The TheraSense headquarters and test strip 
manufacturing facility are located in Alameda, California. Visit us at 
www.therasense.com .

The foregoing contains statements regarding development of and development 
strategy for new products and services. These statements are forward-looking 
 within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
statements are based on management's current expectations and actual results 
could differ materially. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any 
 forward-looking statement. There are a number of factors that could cause
events to differ materially from those indicated by such forward- looking 
statements. These factors include, but are not limited to: substantial 
 competition in the market for blood glucose monitoring products; risks related
 failure to protect our intellectual property and litigation in which we may
involved; risks relating to development of innovative products; risks related 
 to noncompliance with FDA regulations; and limited manufacturing experience and
dependence on single third-party manufacturers.

SOURCE  Deltec  

 CO:  Deltec; American Diabetes Association's 63rd Scientific Sessions;

ST:  Minnesota, Louisiana, California


Web site:  http://www.DeltecCozmo.com

06/10/2003 09:37 EDT

Very sincerely yours,
Ellen H. Ullman ;
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