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[IP] Re:Incorrect Delivery--basal or bolus

I was having unexplained highs for four very long days and nights. A bolus
would bring me down somewhat; but, within a few hours, I would be high
again, unless I really over-adjusted for the high bs. I changed sets, sites,
and insulin 3 times in four days. No chance the highs were due to hormones,
change in eating habits, change in medicine, nor a change in my diet. So I
took (another) shot manually and then called Minimed. My pump did not give
the occlusion alarm during the test and it went to 7.2 units with NO insulin
coming out of the tubing. We repeated the test and it finally beeped around
2 units. MM said it passed the test because I had the clamp in the middle
and not directly near the pump side of the tubing. I only take 25 units
daily, so not getting 9 units would do havoc to my numbers. I asked them to
replace my pump (508) because the buttons were extremely hard to push
(probably from overuse!) They agreed because of the buttons but insisted the
pump was functioning fine. I borrowed a back up pump from a friend that
night and my numbers went right back in line. I merely disconnected from my
pump and placed the tubing in the back-up pump. I used the same insulin and
site (they were only 8 hours old). MM sent me my replacement pump the next
morning by fed-ex. I switched from the borrowed to my new pump with no
change in blood sugar. Numbers have been fine since. It has been about a
week. For awhile I was thinking that I MUST be coming down with a cold or
something to make my numbers crazy but now I am pretty sure that the pump
was malfunctioning (maybe not giving me all of my basal). My numbers are
typically pretty consistent - same A1C for a year (5.8/5.9). Hmmm - maybe I
should try the occlusion test with my new pump and see what happens... HTH-
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