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Re: [IP] Incorrect Delivery--basal or bolus

Hi Laura,

> I am still having high highs, and very unexpected huge drops from
> correction bolus.

It would help a great deal if you mentioned what you're taking as a
basal rate and the size of the boluses you're using to bring down the
high bg.

> Is it possible... for a pump to delivery incorrect doses of insulin
> (both basal and bolus.)

Nevertheless, I'll try answering. Anything is possible, but it's
_highly_ unlikely.

Still, you can check this kind of thing yourself. Disconnect the pump
from the cannula at the quick disconnect. If your tubing doesn't have
a quick disconnect, pull out the cannula. Look at the reservoir level.
Write it down. Program one or more primes to pump out 20 units. Do you
see insulin flowing out of the end of the infusion set? Does the flow
look fairly constant? If you shake the insulin drops free of the end
of the infusion set, does insulin flow resume quickly as the pump
clicks? After the 20 units have been pumped, check the reservoir level
-- it should be exactly 20 units lower than before, which is one
reservoir interval.

If the pumped quantity looks like 20 units, then the pump's OK, since
the pump click for a basal is no different than that for a bolus --
the pump just pumps.

> Minimed had me run the occlusion test

The 508 (which I have) also has a "Lead Screw Rotation Test" -- see
page 81 of the manual. One needs to notice the orientation of a
"landmark" on the lead screw, then program a 7.2 unit prime, and
monitor how the screw turns as the prime progresses and how insulin
flows out of the end of the infusion set.

With these tests (especially the first one), you should be able to
ensure that your pump is working properly.

If you need any help with these tests, please e-mail me privately.

regards, Andy
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