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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #328

I have  question  I was on vacation recently in Georgia..  I had packed my 
humalog insulin in the cooler like always with a bottle of frozen water, then 
 soft drinks and then the insulin. the next night someone else packed the cooler
(myfault)  the insulin was at the bottom of the cooler next to the ice.  When 
I used this insulin  it didn't work right.  The correction bolus and the meal 
bouls only worked partially.   in other words correction  0.2 units of 
 insulin usually decreases my blood sugar by 10 . It was correcting by 3-4. so I
 didnt know if being next to the ice decreased the strength or not. So I went to
walgreens to get a refil and was told that for humalog I would have to have a 
script.  Years ago I can rember being able to go to any drug store and obtain 
insulin if you could you were a diabetic.  The pharmasist sain he could give 
me reg insulin but not humalog  I dont know why and he did not tell me I guess 
there is some law about humalog.  anyway I finally called my dr. and he 
called in the med.
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