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[IP] worst day ever...

I had an oral exam this morning (part of my high school degree) but wasnt 
that nervous. Anyway, I couldnt really sleep during the night but didnt 
worry until I threw up at 5 in the morning and tested my blood sugar: 30 
mmol/L! (500 and something) I found out that my cannula had bent  for the 
first time since I started pumping 14 months ago. So I changed the set and 
took insulin by syringe. 
2= hours later my BS was down to 18  (330) and still moderate ketones. I 
decided to take my exam anyway, otherwise Id have to see a doctor who could 
testify I was too ill to do the exam. I told my teacher that my diabetes had 
been shit all night resulting in almost no sleep and a not very clear head, 
and she was very understanding. My exam actually went very well with a sugar 
at about 25 (450)  I got 11, which is the second highest mark in Denmark  
only less than 13, which only is given after extraordinary good presentations. 
So I came home and struggled all afternoon trying to get it below 20 (360), I 
know my sugar acts weird when Im stressed due to exams. Finally, an hour ago, 
I decided to take the cannula out again  of course bent again  for the 
second time ever! I cant believe how unlucky one can be thank you for 
listening to my frustrations: )

Anja (who definitely will be very careful with her cannulas before the last 
oral exam next week!)

dxd July 1999
18 yrs. Denmark

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