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[IP] Type 1 Mothers of Type 2 Children

Its somewhat off the subject, but there is a statistically greater chance that
children are more likely to develop Type 1 if the father has it, rather than
the mother.  However, I have never seen any statistically significant evidence
of a higher incidence for Type 2 in children of Type 1 parents.  Personally, I
have never met anyone who fit that description.

The same 'risk factors' for Type 2 (excess abdominal weight, sedentary
lifestyle, etc.) which cause insulin resistance apply to children of Type 1
parents as exists for the general population.  The study published in the
Lancet article looked at the effect of a diabetic environment in utero on
predisposition to type 2 diabetes, but it was not large enough to be
applicable to the population as a whole, so I would tend to dismiss this type
of hysteria, along with the other tiny studies that have suggested that women
who eat peanuts or enjoy moderate alcohol consumption are less likely to
develop Type 2.

There are several large and excellent (as well as statistically valid) studies
from the US, UK, Sweden, Finland and Japan that have all shown that the
adoptation of moderate exercise and losing excess abdominal weight will
significantly reduce someone's liklihood of developing Type 2 diabetes, which
has absolutely nothing to do with whether someone's mother (or father) has
Type 1 diabetes.  Its ok to worry about something you actually have control
over, but not something you can do nothing about.  Just my two cents on the
topic ...

Dx'd Type 1 9/1976 at age 7; pumping with Animas R1000 since 6/2002 at age 33
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