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Re: [IP] temp basals for field day

Hi, for exercise, I usually cut my basal in half if I exercise... AND eat a
little snack.  When I was Jesse's age, my mom made me carry sugar cubes
every where I went, and thank goodness!  No matter what you try, we all get
hypo sometimes.  Sugar cubes were good because they worked fast, and I think
if my mom gave me candybars or jellybeans I would've just eaten them what
kid has THAT much self-control?! :)  For exercise, my doctors then and still
today recommend letting those BG's run a little on the higher side just to
be safe, and then bring them down rigt after the exercise is complete.  This
may not be recommended or necessary for everyone, but my diabetes has always
been tough.  Oh, and another thing- I've learned that lowering my basal can
mess things up hours later, and that I have much more success eating food
without boluses just before exercising instead of lowering the basal
dramatically.  Good luck to you and Jesse, remember to bring those cubes!
ciao, Brian

> Tomorrow, Jesses grade is having a field day from
> 9:30-1. Since we're new to pumping I'm looking for
> suggestions on how much to reduce his basals ..and for
> how long....   We're gonna be playing basketball,
> volleyball, etc.. in the hopefully HOT sun....
> Thanks,
> Stacey
> Mom to Jesse ,11 dx.12/2001,Allison, 17 1/2, & Daniel
> 15 1/2 .
> Belle Harbor, New York
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