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RE: [IP] Type 1 Mothers of Type 2 Children

Hi Linda.

I'm a type I diabetic and have been for 36 years.

My son, now 27 years old, always ran on the higher side of the normal range
of blood sugars, especially if his weight went over a certain number.

He definitely went way over his numbers and developed Type II diabetes and
is now on glucophage and another pill and at the same time, he was diagnosed
with thyroid problems and is on medication for that.

Now, my oldest brother was diagnosed with Type II and is on diet/exercise
regime and lost the weight and his b.g.'s are fine.

My youngest brother was also diagnosed as Type II being overweight but also
disabled because of his back and medications actually cause him to gain
weight.  He is on medication for Type II since he can't exercise.

My middle brother was also Type I and was diagnosed when he was 11 yrs old
and he is a kidney/pancreas recipient just a little over 3 years now and is
free of diabetes and kidney damage to date.

My mother's mother was diagnosed with Type II when she was in her 70's and
my father's father had Type I and was on insulin but I don't know when he
was diagnosed.

Cousins on both sides of the family, male and female, in my mother and
father's generation are/were also diabetic. Some type I and some type II.

Kathy B.

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Are any of you either type 1 mothers of type 2 (presumably adult)
children or type 2 children of type 1 mothers?  Or do you know any, or
have you ever heard of any?

A recent study in Paris, reported in The Lancet 2003;361:1861-1865,
suggests that children of type 1 mothers(but not fathers) may be
predisposed to becoming type 2 as adults. My son was quite worried by
it.   But it occurred to me that I have never actually known of any
families where this has happened.  I have asked on a long-termers list,
and not found any.  Yes, Jim, I know this is not statistically
significant <gr.>, but still ...   The study was measuring impaired
glucose tolerance, not type 2 itself, and was very small, but found 5
of 15 non-diabetic children of type 1 mothers had the problem, but none
of the 16 non-diabetic children of type 1 fathers.  I didn't see
anything about other family history in the report I read -- maybe type
1 females are just more likely to marry men who have already been
introduced to diabetes (my husband, for instance, had a diabetic
grandmother), but non-diabetic females who've had a family member with
it steer clear of a diabetic husband.<gr.>

Just thought I would throw it out and see if I've just been traveling
in too narrow circles.

Linda Z
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