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[IP] Type 1 Mothers of Type 2 Children

Are any of you either type 1 mothers of type 2 (presumably adult) 
children or type 2 children of type 1 mothers?  Or do you know any, or 
have you ever heard of any?

A recent study in Paris, reported in The Lancet 2003;361:1861-1865, 
suggests that children of type 1 mothers(but not fathers) may be 
predisposed to becoming type 2 as adults. My son was quite worried by 
it.   But it occurred to me that I have never actually known of any 
families where this has happened.  I have asked on a long-termers list, 
and not found any.  Yes, Jim, I know this is not statistically 
significant <gr.>, but still ...   The study was measuring impaired 
glucose tolerance, not type 2 itself, and was very small, but found 5 
of 15 non-diabetic children of type 1 mothers had the problem, but none 
of the 16 non-diabetic children of type 1 fathers.  I didn't see 
anything about other family history in the report I read -- maybe type 
1 females are just more likely to marry men who have already been 
introduced to diabetes (my husband, for instance, had a diabetic 
grandmother), but non-diabetic females who've had a family member with 
it steer clear of a diabetic husband.<gr.>

Just thought I would throw it out and see if I've just been traveling 
in too narrow circles.

Linda Z
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