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[IP] Loaner Pump

Hi Everyone,
       I just got a call from a friend who has been on a Minimed 507c pump 
 for just over 4 years. Two weeks ago she found out she is pregnant (unplanned),
but she is doing everything she can to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  Saturday 
night her pump died, and when she called Minimed they told her that  her pump 
is no longer under warranty and that she would need $500 for a replacement 
 pump, which she doesn't have. Her doctor (endo) has been wonderfully
calling in long-acting insulin for her and calling her every few hours since 
Saturday night to check on her.  She said that he is working on getting her 
 approved for another pump. Her insurance company has been non-responsive about
getting her her pump supplies, so she is not confident that they will come 
through quickly with the approval of a new pump.  Is there a way to get her 
 insurance company to respond, and is there anyone who knows of any other way to
her back on a pump in the meantime?
       Thanks for any input you can give.  She lives in Daytona and I live in 
Orlando, FL.  I was instrumental in introducing her to the pump, so I feel 
like Momma Pumper to her.  Thanks for your help.
Brenda Martinez 
Dx-1957  Pumping-7 years

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