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[IP] Pump at the beach (life is a BEACH)

Bill wrote:
Is there any way to secure it so that you can wear it with
confidence (the pump itself, a paradigm, is waterproof).  I also thought
about just leaving it at the hotel and taking a couple of syringes with me
along with my glucose tester.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Sharon replied:
If it is a long time at the beach, you can get a waterproof "sports case" for
your pump from Animas or Minimed. For a short time at the beach, less than an
hour, a pumper can stay disconnected for an hour and give a correction bolus
covering the lost insulin. The insulin pen and meter sounds like a good plan
too. Whatever works best for you.
I would be paranoid leaving the pump unwatched or it would be too hot locked
up in the car (it isn't a good idea to leave pets and children in the car nor
a pump). Take care Sharon B
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