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Re: [IP] pumping on my own

At 9:24 AM -0400 6/8/03, Paul wrote:
>Is this possible after only 1 day of pumping?

NO   *

You have only begun getting all the long term insulin out of your 
system.  Give it two weeks, then see how your balance is.  Then would 
be the time to really start tweaking your basals.  Of course you 
could be among the exceptional few who did get the long term stuff 
out in less than a week.  How long have you been on injections?

>I am in the middle of testing my daytime basal rate right now and so far so
>Thanks for listening and any advice would be welcomed.

Be sure you have read the 'Bible' of Insulin Pumping, "Pumping 
Insulin" by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts, 3rd Ed.  The MM books are 
good, but this one sets all the standards for complete coverage of 
issues.  If you don't have it yet, go here: 

*(and congratulations!)
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