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RE: [IP] pumping on my own

I don't have a pump as yet but am almost finished reading Pumping Insulin
and just read where many times you can go from MDI to the pump quite easily.
Congratulations and I hope it continues to go well. Sure do hope my pump
gets here soon as we went out to dinner last night and I had left my insulin
pen on the kitchen table! I only "thought" I had put it in my purse.


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I recieved my minimed 508 on friday. I watched the video tape and read every
book from cover to cover that came with it. I called my endo to scheduele an
appt. I decided that since I work on much more complicated programing issues
than this pump, I would give it a go. I started pumping on saturday, no
problems yet, I even estimated my own basal and bolus rates and have seen
good control so far. Is this possible after only 1 day of pumping?

I am in the middle of testing my daytime basal rate right now and so far so

Thanks for listening and any advice would be welcomed.

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