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Re:[IP] Magazines

From: Michael Kurtis   email @ redacted

I agree "Diabetes Interview" is as good as it gets. If you've read the "My
Own Injection" editorial in the recently released magazine, Scott King,
Editor & Chief, and 28 yr Type 1, advises a good percentage of his staff
speaks from experience as they are type 1s & 2s, and/or have close family
members who are. I can also add from experience, that letters to the editor
and responses to questionaires do get published. Over the past 2 years I
have found myself in issues under either letters to the editor or in
articles where I had receive requests in e-mail form to comment on topics
for future publications. This magazine does care!

I also add another very good publication with well thoughout and
informative articles is "Diabetes Self Management". Both of these magazines
have web sites under their names. 

Forecast (ADA Publication) is focused on an older, type 2 population. "You
can't teach a dog new tricks", so don't push too hard and don't lose them
by forcing them. ADA still will not support Endocronologists and Diabetes
Educators in having us test BGs following meals (2 hrs later). Per ADA when
clinical tests results support it, they will support it. Common sense
dictates a lower HbA1c will delay or stay possible complications, so it you
test after meals you (1) can adjust a high BG before living with it for a
longer period, and you get to know which foods raise your BGs allowing a
more educated assumption of how much insulin to give yourself first, and if
your on the pump, your dual wave bolus.

I read each each month. Last month when I had my quartly lab work done, I
requested my Endo add the CRP (C Reactive Protein) added to the HbA1c,
Lipid Profile, and other regular tests I have done. I found out about this
test in my magazines. It shows how much inflamation your body has. This has
proven to be a better predictor of developing Heart Desease, more than LDL
cholesteral, and as a Diabetic with 2 grandfathers who died of heart
desease in their mid 40s it is on my mind. My results prove to me that a
heart healthy diet and exersize works for me! P.S. The lab teck who took my
blod sample didn't know about this newly recognized test. It didn't show on
the form, but he did pull it up on his computer. I recommend we all keep up
to date with magazines. My 5 yr subscription for DI was only $60 +/- .

The best guaranty to live a long and healthy life is to get a chronic
desease and take care of it.

Original Message:
From: Tom Beatson email @ redacted
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 15:47:43 -0700
To: email @ redacted
Subject: Re:[IP] Magazines

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I'd like to add that Diabetes Interview seems to pay careful attention 
to getting things correct. In the case of their article about me in the 
June issue, Daniel Trecroci contacted me by email in mid January. He 
sent me some questions, to which I replied along with a copy of 
"Recollections of Diabetes for 60 Years". He sent me a draft of the 
article, asking me to check it for factual accuracy, and I sent him 
several detailed corrections. Then I got an email from Katerina 
Venetis, their Production & Art Coordinator, kind of pleading for some 
old pictures. Apparently they were unable to use any of the pics from 
the 1/11/03 party because the resolution had been compromised by 
scanning, etc. So I sent her some pictures, including all three that 
appeared in the article.

The only incorrect thing in the whole article was the caption on what I 
call "The Pussy Willow Picture". The caption was "Beatson and his 
sister Beverly in 1941". I had indicated when I sent the picture that 
it was 1940. If that was 1941, then my sister had to be 5 years old, 
and I think she looks more like 3 or 4. Also there was a pencil 
notation on the back of the original in what I recognize as my father's 
handwriting "1940?". All the pictures I sent to Katerina were returned 
very promptly.

That was the only problem I've found, and it really is a trivial 
problem. They got all the important stuff correct. I still subscribe to 
Forecast, but it's not as good as Interview.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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