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[IP] seat belts

summer wrote:
> I am really having a hard time with my pump and seat belts! 

I have never had a problem with the belt pushing buttons....sometimes it is 
wedged down in there when i want to give a bolus (driving 60 mph down the 
 highway) and I have to dig it out, then the tubing gets all twisted around the
and when i go to get out of the car...rrrrrrriiiipppppp, so sometimes I just 
leave it between my legs...

I think what bugs me the MOST about not rehooking the pump to my waist band, 
or putting back in my pocket is that IF (knock on wood) I were to be in an 
 accident, and the pump wasn't ATTACHED to my clothing, when I am cut out of the
car, the EMTs might separate me from the pump, not knowing what that "string" 
was attached to...sure, I might have bigger fish to fry than a trifling high 
blood sugar,...but stilll....

summer wrote:
>WHAT DO YOU GUYS DO??????????

well I don't know about the GUYS...but a GIRL  could hook it to a bra strap 
or hook it between, when you get in the car.....that would get the pump out of 
the way of the lap belt anyway.....

good luck
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