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[IP] pump at the beach

Bill wrote
> I am a fairly new pumper--this is my first summer--...
> write to ask everyone's advice on going to the beach.  
> couple of concerns .  one is losing the pump in the ocean 
> another is leaving it (with the prospect of it getting> stolen).

well there is no such thing as a guarantee...if you leave it in your hotel 
room, what if your room is broken into?  What if you are injured while you are 
out on the beach and are rushed to the hospital before you can get back your 
pump?  In either scenario, you are worse off than if you had just taken your 
chances and worn the pump in the first place (in my opinion).

I have been pumping for more than 10 years and have pumped on the beaches of 
Florida, France, italy, California, Guadaloupe, New York, Mississippi, as well 
as along the banks of numerous rivers and lakes in texas, and alongside 
 dozens of swimming pools...Maybe I have been "lucky" in that I never had it
since I DO remove it when I go in swimming, but then I don't draw attention 
to it any more than I would my keys or my wallet, if I had brought those 
 things...the idea of dragging a lake for my pump after a seadoo spill leaves me
 breathless.....I am usually not in the water more than 45 min or so....and if I
dont want to get out, I am adult enough to realize I have to AT LEAST get out 
for a quick hit of missed basal and a re-application of sun screen, and then I 
can run back in.

You can check with your homeowners policy about ADDING the pump to your 
household items...heck, you can insure diamonds, legs, cars...

Go on...have fun.....don't worry about something else!!!  You can always go 
 back to injections for your day at the beach if it makes you more secure!!! (I
wouldn't though)

Sara Smarty Pants Arizona

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