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this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with diabetes so delete now if you don't
want OFF TOPIC info......but I know there are LOTS of parents on IP.  I get
regular casting notices and here is one I thought I would post....They are
a physically challenged little girl for a major motion picture...Cerebral
palsy is what they are "looking" for, but other physical challenges may
work....Unfortunately, diabetes isn't the physical challenge they are looking
for, but
I thought maybe someone on here might be interested.  The text of the casting
notice is contained herein.  Please follow the directions if you want to
follow up on it - do NOT write back or REPLY to Insulin pumpers.  you can
write me
directly if you like....


My name is Kendra and I am the casting associate for the upcoming movie
"Conquistadora."   Below is some general information about the project and
what we're looking for.  Any help you can give us to get the word out about
our casting search would be greatly appreciated.  And if you have any
please feel free to give me a call at (323)525-0800.

Thanks again!

Kendra Castleberry
Casting Associate, "Conquistadora"

A screenplay by Marianne Leone
Mary Somoza is a flame haired, Dublin-born freedom fighter who fights for the
rights of her severely disabled twin daughters.  From their Hellbs Kitchen
tenement, recent immigrants Mary and Gerardo Somoza struggle for the survival
their family and to keep their marriage intact when the New York City school
system refuses to educate their girls, a right guaranteed them by federal law.
 Told from the  perspective of Alba, the nonverbal twinbs inner voice
outlines a story of passion, conflict and fierce determination.
In her fight to get the girls the help they need, Mary exposes a system
clogged with indifference and insensitivity.  The normally simple process of
enrolling the twins in public school becomes a groundbreaking struggle over
human rights, involving the President of the United States and
revealing the power one indomitable individual can still wield over "the
powers that be."  By fighting the injustices on behalf of her own children,
becoming an advocate for all disabled children she has become in the words of
her husband Gerardo, a true Conquistadora.

The director of CONQUISTADORA is Broadway legend and two time Tony Award
Nominee Arvin Brown, who has guided the likes of Al Pacino, Meryl Streep,
Channing, John Lithgow and Al Pacino to some of their finest stage
performances and for thirty years was the Artistic Director of one of the
regional theaters, New Havenbs Long Wharf Theatre.  "Conquistadora" will be
first theatrical feature film.

The Cast Includes:              Multi-Oscar Winner Meryl Streep as the
    Oscar Winner Chris Cooper as Salem
Laura San Giacomo as the Daily News Reporter who breaks the story

CONQUISTADORA will be produced by bbel films.  Andrea Simon, Joseph Burga
Peter McAlevey will serve as producers.

Marianne Leone, the writer of CONQUISTADORA, is also the mother of a 15 year
old son, who has cerebral palsy.

About bbel films
The idea for bbel films was born in March of 2002 as a personal response to
Joseph Burgabs familybs involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks. With the help
founding officers, M. George Stevenson, Peter McAlevey and Carolyn Dahm Mulry,
'bel films has gone from a desire for more entertainment that
encourages the kind of heroism seen amid that tragedy to a production company
actively creating such films.

'bel films' objective is to find, develop and produce motion pictures and
television shows for families that will keep the entire family glued to their
seats and provide them with a vehicle for stimulating  conversation about
and the ethical choices the characters exhibit, and expand those conversations
to how they equate to a familybs own life situations. We hope to illuminate
issues which bring the family together for discussion, bonding in relating
opinions and ideas, thus learning about each other, the world in which we live
how each individual sees that world. The companybs resources are focused on
locating original and classic scripts, books, magazine articles and other
topical sources, that can provide families not only with inspirational
stories, but
also true-to-life examples of some of the dilemmabs which children, young
adults and families face. For writers,
directors, producers and actors, we intend to provide vehicles that will both
exhibit and extend their talent and allow them to take part in creating works
that, like the films of Hollywoodbs golden age, will excite, educate and
entertain cross-generational audiences, everywhere!

Our Casting Challengeb&

Heidi Levitt (Casting Director) has succeeded in casting first time actors
from Macauley Culkin to Hiep Thi Le (a Vietnamese refugee) in Oliver Stonebs
Heaven and Earth.  Monika Mikkelsen (Casting Director) has worked on such
well-known films as Serving Sara and Nurse Betty.

And now the hunt is on again!  We are seeking to cast physically challenged
twin girls (age 9-12) to portray identical twins Alba and Anastasia Somoza,
have cerebral palsy.  Both girls are wheelchair bound and Alba is only able
to speak through artificial/mechanical means.  Both girls have winning
personalities matched with determination and a disposition that truly
sparkles.  We know we may not find twins for these roles and are open to
girls.  We are also open to girls with any physical disability and not limited
to cerebral palsy.

The film is scheduled to begin principal photography in New York and Los
Angeles in September 2003.

It is of tantamount importance that we reach out to the community of
physically challenged children to portray this story with the utmost degree of
and integrity.  Moreover, we want to offer the opportunity to be in a film to
those who seldom get the chance.

If you or someone you know might be interestedb&Please send a recent picture,
contact information, and a resume (if available) to:

    Kendra Castleberry (Casting Associate)
    c/o Conquistadora Casting
    7201 Melrose Ave., Ste. 203
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

And if you have any questions or want to know more about the project you can
call Kendra at (323)525-0800 or e-mail at email @ redacted

Thank you for your interest.  Together, we can make an impact!
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: