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[IP] (ip)Glucowatch G2 Biographer

Thanks Henry! When we took off the watch, it left 2 *very* faint,
hardly noticable tiny circular areas that have already
disappeared. Shannon said it itched slightly but other than that
it didn't bother her. I put a mixture of neosporin,
hydrocortisone, and goldenseal powder on it (covered with a
dressing) right away. This may sound weird but  toothpaste makes
burns feel better, so it might help that burning feeling too (I
had to use this last Sunday when I poured hot gravy on and
between the first 2 fingers of my left hand while transferring it
from pot to gravy boat...it felt better immediately and quit
hurting after about an hour or so [it was pretty bad]. I'm
surprised but delighted to say that I have not one blister or
scar to show for it.) Make sure when you put the GlucoWatch on
that the band isn't too tight. If it is, it will cause friction
and that is what causes the blisters, rash etc. We stick a pen or
pencil in the band to check for tightness (like the video shows)
just to be sure - it should go in easily.

The GlucoWatch will never match the glucose meter exactly because
the two devices measure and calculate glucose very differently
(even different glucose meters can't be compared - they all use
whole blood to start with, but calculate the results
differently - some give results as whole blood glucose values and
others give plasma glucose values. There is still variance
between meters that calculate the same way though.) Glucose
meters measure glucose in blood and give a real time reading (by
fingerstick, alternate site tests lag behind by 10-15mins)
whereas devices like the GlucoWatch, CGMS, and Spectrx measure
glucose in the interstitial fluid. There is a 10-15 minute lag
time between interstitial glucose and blood glucose readings so
the numbers will (typically) be different if taken at the same
time. (By the way, with the GlucoWatch, the interstitial glucose
reacts with the glucose oxidase in the sensors forming hydrogen
peroxide, and the resulting electrochemical signal from that is
what is actually being measured.) So, because of the interstitial
vs blood glucose difference and the fact that like the CGMS, the
GlucoWatch averages the readings over a period of minutes,
displaying an averaged number vs a real time number (technology
isn't at the point yet where interstitial-reading devices like
the CGMS, GW, etc can give real time readings), the numbers most
likely won't ever exactly match up (although you might get lucky
sometimes and see an exact match. 20-30pts difference is actually
pretty good, all things considered.) We are always told not to
compare readings between two glucose meters because again, there
will be some variance between meters (something like 20-30% is
allowed). The same holds true here. The glucose vs interstitial,
like glucose vs glucose devices, really shouldn't be compared.
The important thing is the trends, not the individual numbers,
and those should be similar (create similar "pictures" if you
will) even if the numbers are not exactly the same. The
difference is, you get more data points with the GlucoWatch to
create that picture than you could with a glucose meter in the
same amount of time (technically you could but what a pain it
would be). It's hard to see helpful trends/patterns when you're
looking at only several readings in a 12hr time period. On
Shannon's trend chart, everything would've appeared to be fine if
we only went by the glucose meter readings...the in-between stuff
we weren't seeing with the glucose meter was a real eye opener.
Lastly, the GlucoWatch is only as accurate as the meter that is
used to calibrate it. It takes that number and uses it in its
algorithms to calculate all the other readings (the same meter
used to calibrate it with should be used for all bg checks during
the testing period, and a finger should be used for testing, not
an alternate site.) The difference in readings between the
GlucoWatch and glucose meter doesn't make it less accurate than a
glucose meter, it is just...different.

From: "maverickmom (Kerri)" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Glucowatch G2 Biographer
In response to "maverickmom(Kerri) I am pleased to hear that your
daughter,Shannon has had some success using the G2 Biographer. I
also have the G2 and so far have used it twice and both times I
was left with a rash that took almost two weeks to heal. I had to
keep putting neosporin to sooth the itch and burning. I did get
most of the readings with few skips,but most readings were
anywhere from 20 to 30 points off my meter tests. You are the
first person that is not 80% disappointed with the G2. I wouldn't
mind the rash if the G2 was more accurate as my original
intention was to use it to adjust my overnight basals. Good luck
to Shannon. Henry Schmidt
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