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Re: [IP] Palm Software

Logbook DM will handle all of that, with the exception of factoring in 
carbs in last meal.  I considered putting that in as well, but after 
having a discussion with John Walsh, he advised against it because 
calculating remaining carbs in your body is far too variable based on 
person, activity level, type of food, etc.

But the rest, Logbook DM will handle very nicely. I don't know of any 
other Palm applications that take into account unused insulin.  But 
several others will calculate boluses based on current BG and current 


> I'm looking for palm software for my hand held.
> Specifically, calculating software that will suggest a bolus
> size when other variables are factored in:
> current bs reading
> carbs at last meal
> insulin at last meal
> time of last bolus
> type of insulin in pump
> carbs in current meal
> Thank you.
> Jack
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