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[IP] Couple things ...

All -

I'm not a MM pumper, but wanted to pass along that SpectRX is having a
promotion for those of you needing/ordering reservoirs for the MM product.
It is the SimpleChoice reservoir made to replace the MMT 103 for the MM 504,
506, 507, 507c and 508 pumps.

For first orders they are also offer a free "home" A1c kit. I just wanted to
share that I have used the SimpleChoice A1c and it is very easy to deal
with. I used it the same week I visited my endo for my quarterly A1c. Both
reports came back with identical numbers. Realizing that labs can differ .
just like our BG tests can differ by some percentage.

Here is the URL for the reservoirs for you MM users:  www.mysimplechoice.com

I do not know how prices compare, etc. as I don't use the MM pump so use
your judgment.

I am looking forward to SimpleChoice's new infusion sets that will be coming
out. It is being called the SimpleChoice Patch.

Go to their WEB site and get on the list for one of the first 'sample' sets
they will be sending out very soon.

I've had many conversations with folks from SimpleChoice and others in the
industry who have been dealing with them and their product line and customer
service.  It is very good.


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX
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