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Re: [IP] Folliculitis

Hi Captn,

My daughter contacted this while away at college from being in a hot tub
that wasn't treated properly.  She called me in hysterics saying that she
had huge red infected bumps under both arm pits and was in such pain she
could barely lift her arms.  I told her to go to the campus nurse and the
nurse knew right away it was folliculitis. I said fu lick ya what?? I had
never heard of it!! It cleared up within a few days after going on an
antibiotic, though she is not diabetic.  Everyone in the hot tub became
infected with it.. it must be highly contagious. I know this ailment is
no fun.  She hasn't been in a hot tub since. lol Take Care.  Julie

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>Subject: [IP] Folliculitis >Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 08:02:34 -0700 (PDT) >
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folliculitis. It is an infection of hair follicles in the >head and with
men on the face? It can cause a mess for a diabetic. Anyone with
>information or treatment of follicultis would be appreciated. >Capt Jim
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