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[IP] Saline trial with Cozmo



 Well, if anyone recalls from a few months ago, I was hesitant to go on the pump
because of various emotional, body image, attached to a machine types of issues.
I started a saline trial with the Cozmo yesterday (approximately 24 hours ago)
and have had NO issues yet. Yea! I only have one clip to wear it with since it
is a loaner from my pump educator and yet so far, have had no problems figuring
out how to wear it, even for bed. And I am very busy this weekend with therapy
sessions, parties, and traveling to see the in-laws and go out on the boat...so
I figure if I can wear it for these few days and not freak out then I can handle
it. I was VERY worried that I would absolutely hate it and so far don't. Can't
say I love it...but am not disliking it so far. My pump educator thought that if
I could handle the connection for these few days that I could handle it because
of the getting used to it. I even slept through the night with it on for the
first time (well, except !
  for my 3 am bs check). Anyway, just wanted to update to people who know what
the heck I am talking about. My friends were all like "you have to wear that all
the time???!!!" Thanks for listening!


Have a great day, Kristen


24 yo, T1 7 months

ttc in August

24 hours on saline trial with Cozmo

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