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Re: [IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

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> Lauren I am sorry that you too are suffering with this. I have been
> with it for a few months now. The good thing is that it is self-limiting
>  the pain at night is awful and can keep me from sleeping. My orthopedic
> gave
> me a good article to read that describes the condition and the research
> has been done on treatments for it. It seems that being a "patient"
patient is
> the name of the game. At the onset, rest, pain medication and moist heat
> recommended. Phase 2 consists of anti-inflammatory medication (I like
> the best after trying them all), moist heat and some stretching, extension
> rotation exercises that can all be done at home. Against all advice, I put
> heating pad dialed to medium around my shoulder at night after taking 50mg
> Vioxx. This has enabled me to get enough sleep so that the days are
> Unfortunately, there is no clear understanding of this condition but it
>  affect 19% of diabetics compared to 2% of the general population. I
> online
> for the article and couldn't find it published there but I am happy to fax
> to you it if you want. It is titled Thawing the Frozen Shoulder: The
> "Patient" Patient by Mark D. Miller, M.D.
> KAMcCord
> IDDM 31years, Pumping MM 508 2.5 years
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