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[IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

Lauren I am sorry that you too are suffering with this. I have been dealing 
with it for a few months now. The good thing is that it is self-limiting but 
 the pain at night is awful and can keep me from sleeping. My orthopedic guy
me a good article to read that describes the condition and the research that 
has been done on treatments for it. It seems that being a "patient" patient is 
the name of the game. At the onset, rest, pain medication and moist heat are 
recommended. Phase 2 consists of anti-inflammatory medication (I like Vioxx 
the best after trying them all), moist heat and some stretching, extension and 
rotation exercises that can all be done at home. Against all advice, I put a 
heating pad dialed to medium around my shoulder at night after taking 50mg of 
Vioxx. This has enabled me to get enough sleep so that the days are brighter. 
Unfortunately, there is no clear understanding of this condition but it does 
 affect 19% of diabetics compared to 2% of the general population. I looked
for the article and couldn't find it published there but I am happy to fax it 
to you it if you want. It is titled Thawing the Frozen Shoulder: The 
"Patient" Patient by Mark D. Miller, M.D.

IDDM 31years, Pumping MM 508 2.5 years
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