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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #322

>From: "Morrisey, Jason" >Subject: [IP] Amimas Pumps? > >I have a
question for you I just received my pump this week and started >trying to
schedule a time on how to use the pump since last week and I have
>received no call backs on how to use this pump. My Doc doesn't know how
>because I am the 1st person in my area to get put on an Amimas pump. How
>long does it take for them to call and setup the appt. so I will know
how to >use the pump? It will be going on 2 weeks since I ordered the
pump and have >called Animas 3 times to set an appt up and I get no call
back. Since I >knew the date my pump would arrive I was trying to set it
up around there >but that know will not happen. I have read the manual
and watched the video >on the pump, maybe be by the time they come to
teach me on the pump I will >have already set it up and be using it or I
will send it back and get a >different pump. I have been waiting 2 years
to get put on a pump and I >finally get one and all it does is set in my
house unused. DO they take >this long after you get the pump to get
training on it? Or do I just send >it back? Or just start doing it myself
with no help. I am not sure yet but >I getting tired of waiting now. >-
---------------------------------------------------------- >
2 possible solutions here 1- Call the rep that sold you your pump and put
some pressure on that person for action 2- You can send a copy of your
e-mail to  email @ redacted . She is one of the top
echelons in Marketing at the Company. I am sure she can get things done
for you fairly quickly. Good Luck and Happy Pump start,
  Michel J. Boucher email @ redacted Bills in the mail always
travel at twice the speed of cheques.


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