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Re: [IP] frozen...

I'm having sympathy pains just reading your note -- I've had this happen twice 
(separated by about 15 years), once in each shoulder.  What helped me the most 
was heat.  Elasto-gel makes a flexible pad that velcros around your shoulder 
and can be heated in the microwave or the oven (oven takes longer).  It stays 
warm for 20-30 min, and gave me the same sort of relief that the heat 
 treatments in physical therapy give. I also think that heat before and after a
 bout of exercises to loosen up your joint helps make the exercise at least more
effective, if still painful.

 Another thing (cheaper than the above) that helps is to fill a cotton sock with
dry regular rice so it's about 1/2 to 3/4 full, and sew or tie it shut.  This 
 can be heated in the microwave FOR NO MORE THAN 2-3 MIN, and then draped around
the affected shoulder -- it stays warm almost as long as the gel pad and is 
flexible enough to really get the heat where the pain is.  (the reason for the 
 Caps is that rice will burn (as in, scorch the sock fabric, and for all I know,
burst into flames) if heated too long in a microwave.)

It isn't recommended to apply heat when you are in bed and going to sleep, but 
right before bed helped me sleep better at night.  Also, a pillow to kind of 
prop up my 'bad' arm helped me move less in my sleep, so I didn't ouch myself 
awake so often.

I was told that this usually happens when a shoulder (or other joint) gets 
 injured, and hurts when you move it. You unconciously move it less in order to
keep it from hurting, and you gradually lose mobility because the joint isn't 
being used.  What I do now is do my PT exercises regularly (once or twice a 
 week) to make sure that what didn't hurt when I finished physical therapy still
doesn't hurt.

Why it happens more commonly to diabetics is a mystery to me.  Just one of D's 
little delights, I guess :)

Hope some of this helps,
> I'm currently suffering through my first bout with
> frozen shoulder/adhensive capsulitis, and it is making
> me pretty miserable. Of all of the D-related problems
> I've had, this has been (so far) the worst. 
> While physical therapy has been working well to
> restore movement, what I can't handle is the PAIN.
> I've been taking an anti-inflammatory, Bextra, which
> is both expensive ($35 co-pay!) and, thus far,
> useless. 
> I haven't slept through the night for more than a
> month, so I'm getting a little desperate. Two
> questions:
> 1) Any tips on what I can do for the pain? I've tried
> every over-the-counter (Excedrin, Alleve, Advil) out
> there with no success.
> 2) I'm terrified that I'm going to get it in the other
> shoulder. Are there any preventative measures that I
> can take?
> Thanks,
> Lauren
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