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Re: [IP] frozen...

HI Lauren,

  I'm not diabetic but my son is.  Maybe you should try Asper-cream which is 
a cream with aspirin in it.  I don't think there is enough aspirin risk to you 
when used in the cream formula.

Another thing that my dad and I have both used (we both have arthritic 
 joints) is DMSO. This is hard to find because it is m ostly used in the animal
world but it is used in humans now more often as well.  This stuff is a clear 
liquid that you rub on to the affected area.  The only side effect to this 
 medicine is a strong taste of garlic will appear in your mouth shortly after
it on.  The taste will go away quickly.

Anyway, I have ben using this on my knee for several years now (waiting for a 
total knee replacement to be done) and I swear by it.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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