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[IP] Re: Bextra was frozen...

> been taking an anti-inflammatory, Bextra

I take Bextra for my poor knees (sciatic nerve hurts :(
Dr. insisted I take Ultracet, it was of no help to me.
I was told to take Tylenol (acetaminophen) for break through.
I do best on just Bextra.  Tylenol has red dye in it, think I'm allergic
red dye from a past experience.  Have tried other acetaminophen  without
the red dye, I hurt worse.
Talked to one woman with similar problem, she said she gave up, does
best on plain asprin, morning & night.
I never took HRT as I did not want to have to go thru finding which
combo worked best for me, no problem.  Then comes DM, no luck finding a
good Oral or Insulin combos, Pumping works tho :).  Now it is pain pill
trial & err.  It sucks doesn't it Lauren & others who can identify?
Linda K
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