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RE: [IP] infected finger?

I went to the doctor today with a similar set of symptoms -- I'm sure
mine is from the finger-stick, since it is centered on a mark very
similar to the marks that are left when I test.  She gave me
antibiotics, and said that I need to come in and get treated for
anything similar, and not to mess about with soaking, not to scratch it,
said it will probably hurt for a couple of days.

Just my experience, YMMV.  I don't know why this particular stick-site
got infected, but I'm not particularly grubby.  Just one of those
things, I guess.  Anyway, I'm guessing that your Dr. will probably treat
your daughter similarly-- it's good that you have an appointment so

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen

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At 04:02 PM 6/4/2003, you wrote:
>Has anyone ever gotten an infection where you prick your fingers?

I have never gotten anything like a blister or infection in my 11 
years.  it could be from the poke  but I would put my money more on 
something small like a splinter or possibly very dirty finger  when she 
poked it..

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