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Re: [IP] dot hemmorages

On 6/4/03 12:37 PM, "Joni Hill" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar
typing skills  and mental acuity by writing:

> Or, quit bieing so GD lazy and start
> doing the necessary things.  I'm so overwhelmed.  Just needed to vent.
> Thanks
> Joni dx'd 2/01, age 25

Now that's -IMO- the best idea.

It is hard, and feelings of being overwhelmed are so normal...I know I get
'browned off' at the constant 'tending' to the diabetes, but after 18 years,
I'm still good. No complications. It's work, but worth it. If you really
think about it, aren't you worth the 'trouble'? I think you are, I know I

To be totally fair here, a lot of that is in our "Levis" and I know of
others who have also found themselves faced with the comps of diabetes after
a short time, despite hard work on their part. But *I* feel the more we give
unto ourselves, the better our chances!

OTOH, You know where your vulnerability lies, so now is the time for you to
get on the line and toe it. You admit it is a 'laziness' issue, so only you
can really fix that. If your morning BGs are always high, what would be
wrong with upping your basal profile a tad? Get into it with your diabetes
teams and take this in hand. It will come to you, and we've all been there
on the 'foreign language' bit, I even took a community college course in
Medical Terminology (Seriously! <G>) so that I could interpret my doctor's

One thing I found helpful is to stop looking at my results in a "report
card" mentality. I say BG "Check" now instead of "test". I let the highs
tell me that something needs to be changed and I don't say: "Oh, man I'm a
screw up! I'm bad, I'm this or that"...These are only tools to help us make
some sense of all this crud, and not a validation of our worth as a person.

Please, gift yourself with the effort and get it under YOUR thumb for a
change. You'll be much better for it.

-- I've learned....
That I can't choose how I feel, but I can choose what I do about it.


Jenny Sutherland
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